List of Specialty Clinics

Orofacial Pain: 973-972-6613.
Treats patients with temporomandibular, facial and head pain that are not tooth-related.

Endodontics: 973-972-4690.
Root canal therapy for prevention and treatment of pulpal (nerve) infections.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: 973-972-4717.
This department provides routine and complex tooth extraction, removal of diseased tissue, and surgical treatment of injuries.

Oral Medicine Clinic: 973-972-3418.
Provides dental care to medically compromised patients.

Orthodontics: 973-972-4704.
Braces. Correction of alignment of the teeth and jaw in adults and children.

Pediatric Dentistry: 973-972-4620.
Treatment for children 12 and under. Parents or guardians must be present for the first appointment to sign consent for treatment.

Periodontics: 973-972-4210.
Gum disease prevention and treatment (gingival).

Prosthodontics: 973-972-5313.
Traditional treatment methods, as well as cosmetic restoration, advanced replacement of teeth with crowns, bridges, removable partial and complete dentures.

Special Care Center: 973-972-7040.
Treats patients who have special needs such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, and those who are mentally challenged.