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At Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, we prepare students to excel in an oral healthcare landscape where technology is essential, and holistic, interdisciplinary care is standard. It’s also a world where shifting demographics require providers who can successfully treat patients from many different cultures and backgrounds, including those with special needs. Our intensive clinical program, where students work with patients every day and first and second-year students gain clinical experience as assistants, is known for producing dentists who are well-equipped to begin practice as soon as they graduate.

Office of Academic Affairs

Kim Fenesy
Vice Dean
Emily Sabato
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Janine Fredericks-Younger
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Kathy Ryan
Program Administrator

Prepared for Success

"In my 25 years as both a faculty member and general practice residency director…I have found that the RSDM graduates come into the residency program with more clinical experience than graduates from other dental schools, which allows them to take on more complex cases earlier in their postgraduate year. An RSDM education prepares the students for success in their postgraduate programs and beyond.’’


Dr. Steve Hobson, General Practice Residency and Clinical Director

JFK Medical Center, Department of Dentistry

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