researcher using a microscope


Research at RSDM

The field of dental medicine is fertile ground for research that can improve systemic health and increase our understanding of genetics and public health. Research at RSDM is multi-faceted, encompassing clinical studies on oral health and dental disease, in addition to discoveries related to cancer treatment, predatory bacteria, HIV, the nature of chronic pain and alternatives to opioids.

Associate Dean for Research
Narayanan Ramasubbu
Phone: 973-972-0704


RSDM Researcher Advocates for Pediatric Health in Africa

Since 2013, Dr. Modupe Coker, an epidemiologist, has been working with a cohort of more than 500 children in Nigeria and their HIV-infected mothers to gauge the disease’s effect on oral health. When COVID-19 reached the nation, she collaborated with colleagues to publish a paper on how the disease has affected overall pediatric health in a region where children already account for a disproportionate among the world’s communicable and non-communicable diseases.

modupe coker with nigerian children