Pre-Dental Requirements

The minimum predental courses required at time of application are:

Subject and semester hours

  • Biology 8 credits*
  • English 6 credits
  • General Chemistry 8 credits*
  • Organic Chemistry 8 credits*
  • Physics 8 credits*

*All science courses must include laboratory instruction. Advanced placement courses will not be accepted.

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine -Policy regarding COVID-19
RSDM will be flexible regarding grading for pre-requisites/interrupted coursework if an applicant attends/attended a school that made system-wide grading changes due to COVID-19. In addition, Pass/Fail grades and course interruption for Spring 2020 will be considered at the discretion of the admission committee.

Letters of recommendation (required)

  • ONE Pre-Health Advisors Committee letter (preferred).
  • Three letters from faculty (two must be from the sciences).