Thursday Talks: Kenneth Wolpin

Up next on our staff spotlight is Kenneth Wolpin, executive assistant to the vice dean. Wolpin recently joined Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM). He was one of the key figures in making our big events, like the Convocation and the White Coat Ceremony, happen. Get to know him more below.   

Ken Wolpin

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at RSDM.

I am the executive assistant to the Vice Dean Dr. Kim Fenesy. I provide Dr. Fenesy with a high level of diversified, confidential, and administrative support. I serve as key role in promoting the effective and efficient day-to-day operations of the office. I am specifically involved in planning of the school’s big events, such as the White Coat Ceremony and Convocation. I also assist the office in planning the annual Awards Ceremony and other smaller events/meetings throughout the year. I support the vice dean on highly confidential and time-sensitive matters concerning students. Furthermore, I work closely with the Student Government Association and the student leaders on a myriad of other events, such as the Gala and Springfest. In this role, I’ve learned so much about what goes into working at a dental school. Trying to catch on to all the dental terminology has been a learning curve, but I’ve found it to be so interesting.

How long have you been here, and why did you decide to come to RSDM?

I have been at RSDM since November of last year and have really enjoyed the role thus far. I have been in higher education for about 27 years, in a variety of capacities. Most of my background comes from working at Kean University for 26 years, where I served as the university registrar/director of the One Stop Service Center. I also held roles within the Office of Academic Affairs. I have enjoyed my career and have had so many unique experiences. In particular, Kean University has a campus in China, so I had the amazing opportunity to live there for three years as the university registrar.

After my time at Kean, I worked at The College of Staten Island for about two years, then spent some time consulting. I was eager to get back on a college campus to feel grounded and be in the environment of higher education. I have always wanted to work in a health sciences school setting, and specifically at Rutgers. I felt that with my skill set I would make an amazing executive assistant to a senior administrator. So, when I found the opportunity at RSDM, I was very excited. I am so happy to be here and see what I can do to support the vice dean and help improve the way students maneuver through their student and academic experience. I want the students to know my door is always open if they ever need anything, someone to lean on, or to bounce ideas off!

What do you like the most about RSDM?

I have really enjoyed the dental school environment. I realize how refreshing it is to know that the students at RSDM are here truly because they want to be here. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be surrounded by so many high-achieving individuals.

What do you enjoy doing outside the school?

I have two adult sons and a loving wife. My family and I love to travel and go to the beach. I’m an ’80s kid and love to watch old movies and listen to various genres of music. My wife and I enjoy gardening and taking care of the yard, we find it very relaxing. I’m a big fan of natural wellness and other forms of medicine, specifically acupuncture; and I got to learn a lot more about alternative medicine while living in China.