Thursday Talks: Travis Gant

Next on our Thursday Talks is Travis Gant from the IT Department. Gant has recently celebrated his 10 years at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM).

Travis Gant

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at RSDM.

I'm the [acting] director of IT at RSDM. I initially joined the school as a senior technologist, primarily focusing on digital radiology systems and server infrastructure management. Later, I transitioned to overseeing the client services team, responsible for desktop, audiovisual, and infrastructure technologies.

How long have you been here, and why did you decide to come to RSDM?

February 2024 marked my tenth year with RSDM. Before this, I worked in another university's IT department. My role there had a more narrowly focused set of responsibilities which overtime became repetitive. I was seeking a position with more diversity in responsibilities when I came across an open position at RSDM. The position offered the variety I was looking for. Having a lifelong interest in computers and technology in general, I've appreciated the daily learning opportunities here.

What do you like the most about RSDM?

Above all, it's the people I work with. I'm fortunate to lead a team of dedicated professionals who tirelessly support the vast array of technologies at RSDM. Their commitment and expertise ensure that our technologies, which span from clinical and academic to administrative systems, run seamlessly. Beyond our immediate team, I've particularly enjoyed collaborating with other departments. Together, we explore different approaches to utilize the myriad of systems available to us with the aim of simplifying and enhancing their daily operations.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

When I’m not at work, I enjoy hands-on activities, especially woodworking and tackling home renovation projects. Spending quality time with my family is also important to me.