Thursday Talks: Hind El-Hammali

Our spotlight for this week is Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry Hind El-Hammali, who has received the Excellence in Teaching Award three times—an unparalleled achievement. For several years, she led fourth-year students to over 96 percent pass rate on the CDCA Prosthodontic Licensing Exam.

portrait of hind el-hammali

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at RSDM.

I am an assistant professor in the Restorative Dentistry Department at RSDM. I have also taught multiple pre-clinical and clinical courses for several years.

For how long have you been here, and why did you decide to come to RSDM?

I began my oral medicine fellowship here, what was then known as UMDNJ, and spent 10 years. Following that, I pursued a two-year master's program in maxillofacial radiology, which provided me with a strong foundation for my subsequent 3-year journey towards my prosthodontics degree. Currently, I am an instructor at RSDM and also work at the faculty practice.

What do you like the most about RSDM?

What I like the most about RSDM is the interaction with the students. They truly keep me energized and motivated. Their enthusiasm and dedication to learning are remarkable. I enjoy every part of it, they are my driving force!

What do you enjoy doing outside the school?

I enjoy spending quality time with my family and children. I love going to the beach, relaxing, and enjoying the water. Cherishing moments with my loved ones are a priority for me.