RSDM’s Community Clinics Continue to Grow with $2 Million Federal Funding

When it comes to dental care for HIV/AIDS populations, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM) is a leading institution. It’s one of 12 Community-Based Dental Partnership Programs spread across the U.S. and supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. Recently, the agency renewed its commitment to Rutgers with a $2 million funding for the next five years.

“RSDM continues to increase health equity, stop HIV stigma, and reduce health disparities by caring for the whole person and addressing their social determinants of health,” said Jill A. York, assistant dean for the extramural clinics located in Galloway, Northfield, and Somerdale.

The goal of the Ryan White Program is to care for patients in underserved areas and to train dentists to work with HIV/AIDS populations. Funded by the federal government since September 2002, RSDM’s three clinics annually receive around 500 patients. Over the years, the program has evolved to support patients beyond oral health. For instance, if one is having difficulty with housing or food, RSDM clinicians work with case managers to seek solutions. This new funding will enable York and her team to expand their offerings.

Starting in September, Rutgers School of Nursing students will join the RSDM clinics for a new pilot program creating wellness passports. “Because one of the biggest challenges is comorbidities for people with HIV,” explained York. “They have all these medical conditions that they're dealing with, and oral health may not seem so urgent.” Through the pilot program, they will provide preventive care, focusing on hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, and cancer screenings.

In addition to this grant, RSDM clinics have been chosen for AIDS Education Training Center’s Practice Transformation Program through which mental and behavioral health will be weaved into the clinics. “That's something that's unique,” said York. “We've always been employing a holistic approach to patient care, but with grants and collaborations like these, we've been taking our program to new heights.”  


RSDM Community Clinics

University Dental Center at Galloway

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University John H. Cronin Dental Center

Address: 235 Dolphin Avenue, Northfield, New Jersey, 08225

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Office hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 


University Dental Center at Somerdale

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