My line of research focuses on the detection and distribution of dental caries, Body Mass Index (BMI) status as an associated factor in the development of dental caries, and survival rate of dental procedures in children. Our initial findings on the detection and distribution of dental caries have revealed that the prevalence of dental caries depends on the type of method used in the detection of caries, and that its distribution on the occlusal surface in primary and permanent teeth vary according to the zone of the occlusal surface examined. Understanding the different factors associated with dental caries may allow for the application of early preventive treatment as well as the identification of groups at risk for developing dental caries early in life. In addition to my line of basic research, my work in the clinical setting is related to identifying cases that our post-doctoral students are treating, and guiding them with the use of different clinical techniques that might allow for solving the dental problem that a pediatric patient is developing. The goal in some of these cases is to publish the outcome of the dental treatment performed.


BA in Dentistry, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima-Peru

DDS, New York University

MD, Public Health, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima-Peru

MD, in Dentistry, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Research Projects

  1. Comparative Study of the Sensitivity, Specificity, Agreement and Caries Prevalence of Three Systems Used in the Detection of Dental Caries in Children.
  2. Prevalence and Distribution of Dental Caries among Five Zones of the Occlusal Surface of Posterior Teeth According to Age and Gender in Children.
  3. The Distribution and Prevalence of Dental Caries among Five Zones of the Occlusal Surface in Posterior Teeth in Children.
  4. Bilateral Dental Caries Distribution among Homologous Posterior Teeth in Children
  5. Survival Rate of Dental Procedures Performed on Healthy Children vs Children with Special Needs under General Anesthesia: A Retrospective, Descriptive and Comparative Study.
  6. BMI and its Relationship with the Severity of Occlusal Caries in Children.


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