Class of 2023 Passes Boards with Flying Colors

Two days, 14.5 hours, 500 questions—that’s what makes up the Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE). Close to 100 percent of the RSDM Class of 2023 has successfully passed this comprehensive exam, becoming another step closer to their careers as dentists.

“Your preparation and hard work are to be commended,” wrote Vice Dean Kim Fenesy in an email to the class. “I certainly am very proud of all of you for the serious preparation for the INBDE that resulted in such great outcomes so far.”

The Class of 2023 became the first class to take the new INBDE, which replaced NBDE Part I and NBDE Part II.

One of those test-takers was Jasmine Renee Lopez ’23, president of the Class of 2023. She, along with her classmates, received many congratulatory messages from staff and faculty, including her professors from her first year at RSDM.

“Being recognized by our professors, mentors, and colleagues felt great,” Lopez said. “Within the past three years, we’ve surprised many faculty by producing high exam averages and our overall exemplary clinical performance. Our class has overcome many challenges, including being the first class in RSDM to take the integrated boards. As the class president, I’m extremely proud of my classmates’ successes.”

She attributes this success to her class’s collaborative and motivating spirit.

“Each of us were quick to share our study schedules, study guides, and tips to anyone that was taking the exam,” she said. “The INBDE is an expensive test, and I’m elated that everyone is looking out for each other. We want everyone in the class to be well-equipped to pass on their first try.”

Khrystyna Hrebeshchenko ’23, another test-taker and vice president of the Class of 2023, said: “Rutgers has prepared us very well.” She added that the didactic courses she took in her first, second, and third years were much harder than the INBDE questions.

“I’m very grateful to RSDM professors and faculty for setting high standards for us and continuously reinforcing dental concepts,” Hrebeshchenko said. “This is a great accomplishment of ours, but also a great accomplishment of Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.”