I study a bacterial protein, leukotoxin, that is able to target and kill malignant and autoreactive white blood cells. I’m investigating the potential use of this protein (registered as Leukothera®) as a therapeutic agent for treating hematologic malignancies (leukemia and lymphoma) and autoimmune diseases. Studies in my laboratory include mechanistic studies of how Leukothera® interacts with and kills certain white blood cells. In addition, I’m testing the safety and efficacy of Leukothera® in different animal models of disease. My goal is to introduce Leukothera® into the clinic for testing in patients with cancer and autoimmune and inflammatory disease. In 2009, I founded Actinobac Biomed, Inc. to move my research discoveries on leukotoxin/Leukothera® from the laboratory to the clinic. Actinobac Biomed has raised more than $9 million in investments and grants to develop Leukothera® into a pharmaceutical agent. I have received more than $4 million in academic research funding.


B.S. in microbiology Cornell University

Ph.D, Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons


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