Dental Implants

At RSDM, we have a multidisciplinary group of prosthodontics, periodontics and oral maxillofacial surgeons, working as a team approach for the placement and restoration of dental implants. We offer a full range of services, procedures, and restorations for both the youthful and elderly patient.

What you can anticipate

When you stop by or call our office you will receive prompt attention. We have a staff member to assist you with your scheduling needs and can provide you with information regarding any questions you may have. To begin the process, we will set up a screening appointment. This involves an examination, x-rays, and a personalized evaluation with a faculty clinician. We discuss various treatment options, and using the latest computer technology, we evaluate your eligibility as a candidate for implants.

How to reach us

We provide convenient morning and afternoon appointments to accommodate the needs of our patients.

Telephone: (973) 972-1486