My research has focused on educational domains within dental education and surveying dental school administrators on their comprehension and their views. I also focus on exploring empathy in dental students. Additional work explores tooth loss and malnutrition. Most recently I was involved in a study to determine what oral rinse might best protect the dentist from COVID-19 during dental treatment. My next project will review retrospectively the five-year outcomes of indirect pulp cap procedures performed at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine by students.


DMD, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

MA in dental education, University of the Pacific

Research Projects

  1. Relationships between Dentition and Malnutrition Risk in Community-Dwelling Older Adults.
  2. Oral rinses- Which one works best to protect the dentist from patient aerosol
  3. Preliminary steps to review outcomes of Indirect Pulp Capping or Selective Caries Removal performed by dental students at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
  4. A change to a new caries risk assessment tool and its effect on student’s treatment of patients


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