Orthodontics is the area of dentistry concerned with the supervision or guidance of the growing structures of the head and face and the correction of poorly aligned bones and teeth. The mission of our department is to provide a full range of orthodontic services to the people of New Jersey and the Newark community. We educate both undergraduate and postgraduate dental students to provide excellent orthodontic care at the highest possible level. Our faculty is a nationally recognized, diverse group of orthodontic specialists who teach and supervise patient care in our multidisciplinary postgraduate orthodontic clinic. The use of cutting edge technology, such as computer-based diagnosis and treatment planning, 3D imaging and intraoral scanning is taught and employed. The department is also dedicated to the pursuit of scholarly activity and research for the advancement of the specialty and benefit of the public. 

Department Contact Number: 973-972-4729

Chair: Dr. Thomas J. Cangialosi, DDS

Vice-Chair and Co-Director for Predoctoral Program: Dr. Richard Bloomstein

Postgraduate Program Director: Dr. Anil Ardeshna

Predoctoral Program Director: Dr. Padma Mukherjee

Department Administrative Support: Christian Cardenas