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Care To Share Mentoring Program

The RSDM Alumni Association’s Care to Share program is an exciting opportunity for alumni and students seeking mentors to connect with alumni who want to help guide the next generation of dentists by sharing their skills, knowledge and experience.

Do you care to share your story with a recent graduate or current student over coffee, Zoom or phone? Are you a recent graduate or current student looking to connect with an experienced alumnus?

Steps To Join

  1. Listen to 10 minutes of the Care to Share webinar recording (The registration process is between minute 7 and minute 17.)
  2. Then, create your profile in the Rutgers Student Alumni Career Connect platform.
  3. Go to Career Clusters. Search Groups and type in DENTAL to join our group.

If you have a question, email Latoya Carroo, RSDM Coordinator of Alumni Affairs and Donor Relations at alumni@sdm.rutgers.edu.