RSDM News - September 2014

Community Water Fluoridation Essential for Public Health

RSDM Dean Cecile Feldman speaks out to ensure that fluoridation programs continue. LEARN MORE

Welcome class of 2018

The Class of 2018 has arrived, and it’s easy to tell who they are. They’re the ones in the navy blue scrubs, which all members of their class must wear.  “It’s a color you’ll get to know very well,’’ Dean Cecile A. Feldman told the class at the Dean’s reception during orientation week. LEARN MORE

Welcome Class 2018

White Coat Ceremony

A White Coat Welcome Ceremony Marks Entry into Medical Profession. It’s a plain garment, made of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. But the white coat bestowed upon first year students at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine earlier this month has a special meaning. It represents a doctor’s responsibility to safeguard patients’ trust and provide them with the best care possible. LEARN MORE

White Coat Ceremony

Trip to Clinic on Native American Reservation

On a Navajo reservation in New Mexico, RSDM students worked with Native American patients, whose cultural traditions hold that losing a tooth -- or any other body part -- means losing part of their soul. LEARN MORE

Clinic on Native American Reservation

Appointment of Dr. Ziccardi as Assistant Dean of Hospital Afffairs

Vincent B Ziccardi, a widely published expert in oral and maxillofacial surgery, was appointed Assistant Dean of Hospital Affairs, succeeding Dr. Arnold Rosenheck, who retired in May. LEARN MORE

Dr. Ziccardi as Assistant Dean of Hospital Afffairs

Student Foresight Leaders

When first-year students fumble with a handpiece or find that dental school has decimated their time management skills, RSDM’s Foresight Leaders are there to help. LEARN MORE

Student Foresight Leaders