Interim Chair: Craig S. Hirschberg

Clinical Professors: Noah Chivian, Gerald Fishelberg

Clinical Associate Professors: Paul Falcon

Clinical Assistant Professors: Jaime Ball, Carla Falcon, Marc Gimbel, Marianella Natera, Joseph Rinaggio

Adjunct Professors: Jason Deblinger, Ronald Deblinger, Vivian Graham, Steven Lustbader, Carol Mann, Callie Solomon, Rosemichele Sorvino-Macchia, Jeffrey Stewart, Stephen Wechsler

Emeritus Professor: Gary Hartwell, DDS

Endodontics deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and periapical tissues. The goal of endodontic treatment is to change the internally infected tooth to an inert viable state so that it may continue to function as an integrated unit in the overall masticatory apparatus.

Principles of Endodontics I. An introductory course in endodontics defines procedures necessary for conventional treatment. Students develop the psychomotor skills required for patient treatment by carrying out simulated procedures in the laboratory.

Principles of Endodontics II. A complete course in the theory and practice of endodontics places special emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of pulpal disease and the interrelationship of endodontics to all the other dental disciplines.

Endodontics Clinic I & II. Under supervision, students apply the principles and techniques acquired in the basic endodontic courses, along with basic science knowledge, to patient care and management in the clinic.

Postdoctoral training in Endodontics is also available