Diagnostic Sciences - Predoctoral

Interim Chair

Steven Singer, DMD


Harold Cohen, DDS; Eli Eliav, DMD, PhD; Carmine LoMonaco, DDS; Steven Singer, DMD; Lawrence Schneider, BDS

Associate Professors

Rufus Caine, DDS; Deborah Cleveland, DDS; Susan Edmond, MA; Mahnaz Fatazadeh, DMD; Kim Fenesy, DMD; Barbara Greenberg, PhD; Samuel Quek, DMD; Gary Vitaletti, DMD

Assistant Professors

Ali Abbas, DMD; Peter Duda, DMD; Maxine Strickland, DMD

Clinical Professors

Gary Heir, DMD; Muralidhar Mupparapu, DMD; Richard Pertes, DDS; Armand Ricciardelli, DMD; Riva Tougher-Decker, PhD

Clinical Associate Professors

James Delahanty, DMD; Daniel Leff, DDS; Joseph Rinaggio, DDS

Clinical Assistant Professors

Raphael Figueroa, DMD; Julyanna Gomez-Zagury, DMD; Irene Kim, DMD; Karen Mancini, DMD; Stanely Markman, DDS; Christian Morazan, DDS; Charles Sgroi, DMD; Bruce Sofferman, DDS; Diane Rigasso-Radler, PhD; Judith Springer, DMD (LOA); Davis Thomas, DDS

Clinical Instructors

Sowmya Ananthan, DMD; Richard Cassie, DDS;  Arthur Haliczer, DDS; Joseph Luzzo, DMD; Tina Moheb, DMD; Bart Schneiderman, DMD

Adjunct Professors

Raphael Benoliel, BDS; Stanley Bergen, MD; Paul Desjardins, DMD; Michael Glick, DMD; Uri Herzberg, PhD; Mel Kantor, DDS

Adjunct Associate Professors

Peter Baragona, DMD; Michael Della Rosa, DMD; Michael Krakow, DMD; Karen Raphael, PhD; David Yarnitsky, DMD

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Jason Goodchild, DMD; Anita Patel, DMD; Ernesta Parisi, DMD; Beth Pletcher, MD



Melissa Beards: Program Administrator I
Marlene Bernardo: Dental Comprehensive Care Coordinator
Carol Brown-Jackson: Secretary I
Emily Diaz: Expanded Duty Dental Assistant
Sandra Flatley: Patient Accounts Clerk II
Nicole Greene: Dental Assistant
Geneva Gatlin: Billing Technician I
Irene Graham: Secretary I
Dorothy Holmes: Dental Assistant II
Alfred Holt: Dental Assistant
Crystal Mitchell: Lead Dental Assistant
Margie Pinckney: Supervisor Expanded Duty
Robert Sekula: Research Teaching Specialist III
Gloria Smith: Secretary I
Priscilla Stokes: Expanded Duty Dental Assistant
Iris Tursi: Lead Dental Assistant
Zoraida Rivera: Clinical Services Representative I
Lingzhi Zhao: Dental Assistant

The goals of the Department are:

  • To educate predoctoral and postdoctoral students and to offer continuing education courses to the members of the dental and allied professions in the disciplines of Histology, General, Systemic and Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine, Diagnostic Sciences, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology;

  • To offer a curriculum that will integrate and coordinate the diverse departmental disciplines into a cohesive, sequential pattern of learning;

  • To integrate the social, interpersonal and clinical skills needed in applying diagnostic sciences to patients;

  • To incorporate problem-solving and critical thinking into all facets of the teaching and patient care programs;

  • To teach skills that enable students to be life-long learners;

  • To provide evidence-based service to our patients in a highly ethical, caring environment;

  • To create and disseminate new knowledge.

The diagnostic sciences courses are designed to integrate and apply knowledge in the basic sciences in determining the nature of diseases. Students are trained to recognize deviations from normal and to distinguish among oral diseases. Examination procedures and diagnostic methods are taught to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan. These courses include a broad understanding of the principles and applications of ionizing radiation for the diagnosis of orofacial diseases.