Financial Obligations and Assistance

Tuition and Fees

The amount of tuition and fees as well as the type of fees are subject to change without notice. A deferred payment plan may be arranged with the Office of Administration and Finance. Although the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine is on an academic trimester calendar, tuition and fees are assessed on a semester (twice a year) basis.


The University's policy on "Student Residence and In-State Tuition" is at

Policy on Tuition and Fees

Invoices for tuition and fees are mailed thirty days prior to the start of each semester. All students must pay or demonstrate a commitment to pay tuition and fees in full thirty days prior to each semester's start date. The commitment is your authorized accepted financial aid. A fee of $50 per month will be assessed on late payments.

All funds from financial aid will be initially applied to tuition and fees. Refunds will be distributed after tuition and fees are paid. Students with outstanding financial obligations will not be allowed to continue into subsequent semesters.


No degree will be awarded to any student until all financial accounts to the Dental School have been satisfied.


Students who withdraw from the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine of their own accord prior to completion of one-third of the unit time following the date of registration may be granted an 80 percent tuition refund at the discretion of the Dean or his designee. No refunds will be made after this time, and fees will not be refunded at any time.

Reduced Course Load

Students carrying a reduced course load must pay full tuition if credit hours exceed half the normal load or if the student's schedule contains periods of individual study or other electives. Students enrolled for up to one-half the normal load may be charged half tuition. Students enrolled in the Five Year Program must pay full tuition for each of the five years.


Various pieces of equipment are provided for students on a lending basis. Students are responsible for replacement or repair costs if equipment is damaged, lost or stolen.

Financial Aid

Because of the frequent and major changes in the eligibility guidelines for all types of financial aid, the information given here is general. More specific information, as up-to-date as possible, is given to applicants at the time of their interviews. Financial aid packets, which contain the current requirements and forms, are sent to all accepted applicants and distributed to all continuing students. In addition, the Financial Aid Handbook, prepared by the RBHS Financial Aid Office is located on the University's home page at

Student Cost of Attendance

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