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New Jersey Dental SchoolWe want to help more New Jersey  dental students pursue their dream of an education and career in the Garden State.  Dental students have some of the highest student debt loads in the U.S, averaging more than $260,000. RSDM is New Jersey’s only dental school and the state’s largest oral health care provider, with more than 120,000 patient visits a year. Our students treat New Jersey’s most underserved populations, including thousands of children and patients with disabilities.


Worldwide Dental Missions

New Jersey Dental School RSDM students travel to treat patients living in poverty. Some patients can’t afford even basic necessities, like a toothbrush and toothpaste. On a mission to the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, students treat patients in both nations, which has led to a dramatic decrease in tooth decay. On a separate mission to the Dominican Republic, they treat children of local field workers and village orphans. Our U.S. missions for underserved Native Americans have provided dental care to more than 12 different reservations. Other students  have travelled to Bangladesh to transform patients with cleft lips and palates.


Family Legacy

New Jersey Dental SchoolFor many New Jersey dentists, dentistry runs in the family. If you have a family practice, celebrate your legacy. Create a scholarship in your family’s name.  Alumni mother and daughter team Drs. Linda and Vanna Stone, who own Gentle Caring Dentistry in Livingston, are already supporting students with their new Stone scholarship. They created a lasting reminder of their work together and commitment to dentistry’s next generation. As with all endowed scholarships, the principal is invested and interest is dispersed to students. To discuss a new family endowed scholarship, contact Joan Liljegren at


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