Oral Biology

The department’s faculty participates in teaching and research in both the dental and medical schools.  Academic and research work focuses on understanding the etiology and pathogenesis of oral infectious diseases. Faculty and students concentrate on biological principles of diseases that affect the oral cavity on both a clinical and molecular level. At the department’s Center for Oral Infectious Diseases, researchers have explored how bacteria drawn from the mouth can help battle cancer and studied how so-called “predatory bacteria” can fight drug resistant pathogens. Over the past fifteen years, faculty researchers have consistently received millions of dollars in funding from the NIH and the Department of Defense. The department also receives clinical research funding from industrial partners and have founded two companies in association with the New Jersey Health Foundation.

Department Chair: Dr. Daniel H. Fine, Chair and Senior Associate Dean,  School of Graduate Studies-Biomedical Sciences

Head Administrator: Carmen Logatto, Principal Management Assistant

Program directors:
Dr. Scott Kachlany, Microbiology & Immunolory course

Dr. Helen Schreiner, Masters in Oral Biology

Dr. Vincent Tsiagbe, Assistant Dean, Program Director, School of Graduate Studies-Newark for masters students with a dental school interest.