Academic Calendars and Schedules
The Office for Academic Affairs assembles and distributes the Academic Calendar and Academic Schedule for each year.  The Academic Calendar includes trimester dates, summer clinic, remediation period, student holidays and vacations and the dates of student activities.  The Academic Schedule provides the daily timing of courses for each dental school class.

RSDM Catalog
The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Catalog is available here.

Course Syllabi
The Office for Academic Affairs manages the collection and distribution of all pre-doctoral course syllabi to students.  The course syllabus includes information about the goals and requirements for each course, schedule of lectures/laboratory, competencies taught and tested, course content, topic outlines, methods of evaluation and specific departmental policies distributed by course directors at the beginning of each course. Each department determines the manner in which students are examined and the criteria for evaluating performance. The standardized grading guidelines are available in the student handbook. Syllabi are available electronically (NetID log in required).

Curriculum Committee
The management of the pre-doctoral dental curriculum is under the direction of the Curriculum Committee in collaboration with the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.  The evolving nature of health sciences, of dental practice and of our understanding of the adult learning process dictates that the school must have a responsive process that continually stimulates curricular improvement. Charged with the oversight of the pre-doctoral curriculum, the membership of the committee is designed to assure that all constituencies (faculty, students, and administration) have an appropriate voice in the planning, administration and evaluation of the curriculum.

Dual Degree Programs
Interested students are encouraged to apply for admission to any of the dual degree programs offered in conjunction with one of our sister schools.  These dual degrees include a DMD/MS or a DMD/PhD with the Rutgers School of Graduate Studies, a DMD/MPH with the Rutgers School of Dental Health, and a DMD/MBA with Rutgers Business School.
Authorization to pursue one of these dual degree programs MUST be obtained from the RSDM Office of Student Affairs, RSDM Office of Academic Affairs, and the secondary school prior to enrollment.  Interested students should contact the RSDM Office of Academic Affairs.

Omicron Kappa Upsilon
Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) had its inception with the class of 1914 at Northwestern University Dental School. A committee from this group submitted a petition to the faculty of the school which stated they were "desirous of organizing and funding a national honorary fraternity similar to other honor fraternities now existing in the leading universities…but which shall consist of dental students exclusively; admission and membership to which shall be based upon scholarship and character as manifested by election by the faculty." Omega Omega Chapter has been established to promote a spirit of emulation among students in dentistry for high scholarship and good character (Character is defined as conforming to professional standards of conduct or ethics and demonstrating integrity in morals of behavior and expression as deemed proper by the active membership of Omega Omega Chapter); and to honor, in an appropriate manner, those who have distinguished themselves in these qualities.  The Omega Omega Chapter of Omicron Kappa Upsilon annually hosts a dinner where new members are inducted, and the “Dr. William S. Kramer Aware of Excellence,” “Certificate of Academic Excellence,” and “Certificate of Excellence in Research” are awarded. The chapter also recognizes students who achieve Dean’s List designation.

Student Academic Performance Committee (SAPC)
The Student Academic Performance Committee is responsible for recommending policy to the Executive Council relating to the academic and professional performance and progress of students.  It meets regularly to review students' performance and make recommendations for academic action.  The committee develops, maintains and upholds the academic regulations for the school.  The SAPC will determine whether any academic action is necessary, and the student will be informed of such, in writing, by the Vice Dean, or their designee.