Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Dr. Herminio Perez, DMD MBA
Room B-828
Director of Student Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion

Nicole McCutcheon, Secretary II
Room B-830    


The mission of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion is to enhance the professional dental school experience for all students through their interaction with a diverse faculty, staff and community in a culturally sensitive environment.


Students: To provide support and retention of all students through the promotion of: (1) a positive education environment that promotes culturally sensitive interactions, (2) sponsoring programs that address the needs of students on a personal, academic, social and cultural level, and (3) provide oral health experiences in culturally diverse settings in the surrounding community.

Faculty: To support underrepresented faculty/staff, provide training to assist in their roles as mentors and teachers and in particular students of an underrepresented background, and improve diversity relationships amongst the faculty.

Community: To initiate and execute community projects that allow members of the RSDM family to work with the surrounding community to alleviate unmet oral health needs as well as promote cultural sensitivity awareness.
Students, faculty, or staff interested in scheduling special events to celebrate diversity should review the Special Events Policy in the Student Handbook and contact the Director of Diversity and Inclusion.