Office for Academic Affairs

The mission of the Office for Academic Affairs is to plan, support and evaluate all aspects of the predoctoral, postdoctoral and continuing dental education curriculum at RSDM. Areas of activity include ongoing curriculum review, curriculum design and modification, curriculum administration, and academic scheduling, as well as maintaining the individual course grades and syllabi for all predoctoral and postgraduate programs. The Office for Academic Affairs has the principal responsibility for administering the predoctoral dental curriculum as developed by the RSDM Curriculum Committee, as well as the Postgraduate Core Curriculum. Curricula matters with affiliate dental auxiliary programs, other schools and the organization and preparation of reports relating to accreditation are also the responsibility of this office.

Contact Information
Office of Academic Affairs
Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
110 Bergen Street, Suite B812
Newark, NJ 07103
973-972-5040 (fax)
973-972-4440 (phone)

Dr. Kim Fenesy

Vice Dean

Dr. Emily Sabato

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Valerie Rico

Director for Academic Affairs

Dr. Janine Fredericks-Younger

Director for Educational Programs

Ms. Kathy Ryan

Program Administrator