Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of Rutgers School of Dental Medicine is to improve oral health and quality of life through the education of oral health professionals and scientists, the conduct of research, the promotion of health, and the delivery of oral health care to communities throughout the state and beyond.


To be the leading dental school for education, scientific research and patient care.


  1. Excellence: We continuously strive for superior performance in education, patient care, research, and community service. This empowers students, faculty and staff to achieve our highest standards. We put those we serve first, including the students, community, the profession, and our patients.

  2. Integrity: We are committed to dealing openly and honestly in all activities and providing open access to information. We respect the confidentiality and personal privacy of all students, faculty, staff and patients. We adhere to all laws and regulations, and to the policies of RSDM/Rutgers. We work to protect and assure all individuals' rights and report any deviations from RSDM and University standards.

  3. Respect: We treat all students, faculty, staff and patients with respect, dignity and compassion. We expect all of our students, faculty and staff to act in a professional and humanistic manner, recognizing the importance of diversity and an individual's personal beliefs. We strive for an environment of caring, inclusiveness, individuality and individual responsibility, while adhering to the principles of equality and fairness.

  4. Innovation: Our environment encourages excitement and openness to change, such as incorporation of new technologies and teaching methods as well as curricular revisions. We provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas, and encourage and support the implementation of new ideas. Community-based initiatives which are economically, culturally and academically desirable are encouraged. We seek to establish collaborative relationships with other schools and entities throughout the University, industry and the community.