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Tutorial Assistance Program
RBHS - Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
Office of Student Affairs

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The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine is committed to student retention by increasing and expanding student achievement. This tutoring policy was developed to set forth guidelines for those students who encounter academic difficulty during the course of the dental curriculum.

Drop-in tutoring is provided in courses in which students have historically requested tutoring, and is open to all students who wish to improve their performance in a course, regardless of their academic standing.

Assigned tutoring provides extra support to students who are not performing at a satisfactory level in a course (grade of D, F or U).

Both of these forms of tutoring (drop-in and assigned) are provided at no cost to the students. However, limited annual funding will be carefully allocated to ensure that all students who need tutoring will be accommodated.

In addition, lists of recommended tutors are provided to the class for those students who want to hire tutors privately for additional or individualized hours at their own expense.

Drop-in Tutoring

Each trimester students are provided with a schedule of drop in tutoring that has been developed to coordinate with their exam schedules.

1st year exam & tutoring schedule, 2nd year exam & tutoring schedule

Everyone in the class is eligible for drop in tutoring regardless of academic standing; no referrals or appointments are necessary.

Assigned Tutoring

Students may be advised by one or all of the following individuals to seek assigned tutoring assistance:

  • Course director or other course faculty
  • Faculty in the Office of Student Affairs
  • Student Academic Performance Committee (SAPC), which meets regularly to determine the academic progress of RSDM students

Students may also self-refer. Students recommended for tutoring or self-referring should contact the Office of Student Affairs (room B830) or call or email Ms. Nicole Cunningham ( at 973-972-5063. We recommend that students review material in advance of the tutoring session and have defined areas they wish to review with the tutor.

Who can be a tutor

Graduate students or upper-level classmates, who are in good academic, clinical and ethical standing and have been approved by the course directors and/or department chairperson, may be designated as tutors. A list of qualified students must be sent to the Office of Student Affairs by the course director. It is most helpful if the course director has spoken with the potential tutor and gotten his or her consent to tutor before adding them to their list. All tutors must go through a Tutoring Orientation, held at the beginning of each semester, before they are eligible to tutor.

Payment to Tutors

  1. Tutors will be paid $20.00 per hour
  2. On a bi-weekly basis, a request for payment must be submitted by the tutor to the Office of Student Affairs. The request for payment will constitute a completed Tutorial Payment Form, which must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs, Room B-830, telephone - (973) 972-5063.

Tutors are responsible for documenting the attendance of the students in their respective tutoring sessions by having the student sign on the appropriate line.