Postgraduate Academic Due Process

EFFECTIVE DATE:  __07/01/2003____________        REVISION DATE: ____________ 10/15/2012 ______


To set a policy for determining the procedure for rectifying unsatisfactory academic performance and for determining academic due process in postgraduate programs.


The Postgraduate Director, Department Chairperson and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or designee are to ensure compliance with this policy.


It is the policy of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – Rutgers School of Dental Medicine to have a due process policy for postgraduate students.


A.If a student achieves documented unsatisfactory academic performance:

  1. The Postgraduate Director or designee will counsel the student.
  2. The Postgraduate Director or a faculty designee will outline corrective measures and will establish criteria and time frames for the correction of the deficiencies.
  3. The Postgraduate Director will document all interactions with the student in writing.
  4. At the end of the stated time frame, the Postgraduate Director will reevaluate the student's compliance with corrective actions.
  5. If the student successfully satisfies the conditions for passing the module/course, the Postgraduate Director will indicate this in writing to the student as soon as it has occurred. A written notation of this interaction will also be placed in the student's permanent file.
  6. If the deficiency is part of the CORE curriculum, the Associate Dean or designee from the Office for Academic Affairs, who acts as Course Director for the CORE curriculum, will be involved in the above noted steps 1-5, including (but not limited to) counseling, planned corrective measures, time frames for course remediation/repetition, reevaluation of the grades, notification to all interested parties of all interactions, grades, and changes in grades due to course remediation or repetition.

B.If deficiencies continue to exist beyond the time frames established for effecting corrective measures:

  1. The Postgraduate Director will determine the progress and current performance of the student and will make recommendations to the Department Chairperson for further academic action:

    a. Extension of time
    b. Repetition of all or part of the CORE curriculum
    c. Dismissal

  2. After consultation with the Postgraduate Director and the faculty who interact to a significant degree with the student, the Department Chairperson will make a recommendation for extension

C. At the conclusion of each academic year, the Postdoctoral Education Committee will review progress of all students, and vote for each student to a) proceed to the next academic year with no restrictions b) proceed to the next academic year and repeat failed CORE course(s)/module(s) at a specified later date or c) be dismissed.

D.When the Postgraduate Director has recommended dismissal of a student from the program, a repetition of all or part of the CORE curriculum or extension of time beyond the time frame of the program, the Chairperson will notify the student in writing, with copies to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

The letter to the student will include the following:

  1. Reason(s) for recommendation of dismissal, repetition or extension of time

  2. A review of Postgraduate Academic Due Process

  3. An invitation to the student (at least five days in advance), to appear at the next meeting of the Postdoctoral Education Committee.

The student will be advised that he/she will be given an opportunity to submit and read a written statement explaining any extenuating circumstances that may have contributed to the poor academic performance and answer any questions that the committee may pose. The student may invite an individual other than an attorney to accompany the student during the presentation, but not to address the committee.

If, in the opinion of the Department Chairperson, in consultation with the Postgraduate Director and faculty, the student may pose a hazard to patient safety, the Department Chairperson may request in a letter to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, copied to the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, that the student be immediately relieved of clinical duties until final disposition of the process.

E.At the meeting of the Postdoctoral Education Committee, the Postgraduate Director / Department Chairperson or CORE course director will present the reasons for the action. Following the presentation, the student will present his/her statement. After deliberation, the committee will either request more information concerning the student or vote on the matter at hand. The Postgraduate Director, the Department Chairperson and/or the CORE course director (depending upon the origination of the complaint) may not participate in any deliberations or voting of the committee. The action of the committee will be conveyed to the student in writing by the Office of Academic Affairs.

F. The student may appeal the decision to the Dean of RSDM. The request for an appeal must be made in writing to the Dean within five working days after having received the notification. A decision regarding the appeal will be made by the Dean usually within ten working days of receipt of the appeal. This decision is final and not subject to further appeal.

Prior to submission of a request to the Dean appealing an Postdoctoral Education Committee decision of dismissal, the student must submit to the Office of Student Affairs a completed RSDM “sign-out” form. Both the “sign-out” form and the appeal request must be submitted within five working days following the Postdoctoral Education Committee decision.

G. Any extension of time or repetition of all or part of the CORE Curriculum may result in an appropriate additional tuition assessment. Student’s continuation in the program may also be subject to approval by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA); neither RBHS nor the RSDM will assume any responsibility to alter the Program or the Program’s enrollment for a favorable action by CODA.

All decisions of the Postdoctoral Education Committee are final and not subject to further appeal.