2019 Chancellor’s Scholarship Challenge

This year, Chancellor Brian Strom has pledged $1 million in RBHS resources toward dental school and nursing scholarships. We are challenging our supporters to help us reach our goal of matching $500,000 in scholarship funding this year for our dental students. With matching gifts for each donation, you can double or triple your impact!

Give now!

New Jersey Dental School New Jersey Dental School New Jersey Dental School


By giving to any RSDM scholarship, you can help make dental school education more affordable. Come be a part of this life-changing event and have your scholarship gift matched today!!

Current donors receive a 1:1 match
(A $100 gift/pledge becomes $200)

New donors receive a 2:1 match
($100 gift/pledge becomes $300)

Any gifts/pledge total of $25,000 or more can be designated as a named scholarship. Give to a NEW or existing scholarship! Consider creating a new one and contact Joan.liljegren@ruf.rutgers.edu

Rutgers employees can give through our payroll deduction program, send your completed form to Laura.teti @ruf.rutgers.edu