Laser Capture Microdissection Microscope (LCM)

PixCell LCM II

Laser Capture Microdissection Microscope (LCM)


Consultation on planning and design of experiments

Advice on sample preparation and staining prior to microdissection

One-on-one training on the use of the microscope

Technical assistance during use of the facility

Advice on downstream processing and availability of commercial kits suitable for individual needs


Internal User

Unsupervised: $15.00 per hour
Supervised: $35.00 per hour

External User

Unsupervised: $50.00 per hour
Supervised: $75.00 per hour
Industrial user: $175.00 per hour plus supplies

As an alternative to hourly rates, we offer extended usage rates for labs that have large projects or long term needs.  Please contact Facility Manager.