Center for Oral Infectious Diseases

Kenneth Markowitz, DDS

Kenneth Markowitz, DDS, MSD
Phone: 973-972-0253

I obtained my dental degree from Columbia University in 1985 and my Masters of Dental Science from RSDM in 2009. While in dental school I became interested in tooth sensitivity, dental pain and oral physiology. From 1991-2003 I did research in industry, first at the Block Drug Company Inc., then at GalaxoSmithKline. In industry, my coworkers and I investigated the ability of various materials such as polymers and colloids to reduce dentin permeability and other areas of dental therapeutics. In 2003 I joined the Oral Biology Department at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. At RBHS I serve as a clinical investigator on a number of NIDCR and Industry-funded projects including a longitudinal study of caries and bacterial risk factors and inflammatory markers of localized aggressive periodontal disease as well as clinical trials of oral antimicrobial agents. I am also conducting laboratory evaluations of caries detector devices and caries controling therapeutics. I am developing a therapeutic technology to deliver anti-inflammatory drugs to the dental pulp. I have also collaborated with investigators at other universities who are examining receptors in pulpal neurons responsible for pain transduction.
At RSDM I teach course materials relating to: oral biology, cariology, dental pharmacology, dental pain and evidence-based dentistry. I teach pre-clinical and clinical restorative dentistry. I also practice general dentistry at Rutgers Dental Associates.

Recent Publications

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Book Chapter:
Markowitz K, Pashley D (2015). The physiological basis of dentin hypersensitivity.  In: D. Gillam (ed.), Dentine Hypersensitivity: Advances in Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment, Springer International 11-42.