Title: Patient-Centered Care

Effective: 3/1/16 (approved by Executive Council)

Purpose: To establish of model of healthcare delivery that emphasizes the patient as the central focus of an organized system of care

Policy: Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM) greatly appreciates its patient base and strives to deliver oral healthcare in a manner that highlights the importance of clinicians and patients working together to produce the best possible outcomes. RSDM’s Patient-Centered Care is the delivery of comprehensive healthcare that incorporates communication, caring, collaboration, and the patients’ needs and preferences into the planning, delivery, and evaluation of their oral health care. It ensures that the patient is an active member of the treatment process.

RSDM’s Patient-Centered Care Philosophy includes:

Communication- open communication between the patient and the student, faculty, and staff

Empathy- caring, considerate, attentive providers

Needs Assessment- total needs evaluated resulting in an organized, systematic treatment plan

Team- collaboration with dental specialists and other health care providers

Education- education for patients as an integral aspect of care

Respect- respect for patient’s values and preferences

Evidence- integration of evidence and research in clinical decisions and treatments

Decision Making- shared decision making between the dentist and the patient

This CENTERED framework highlights RSDM’s commitment to patient-centered care that is ultimately respectful and responsive to the needs of each individual patient.