On March 14, 2005 a resolution was introduced on the floor of the General Assembly of the State of New Jersey by the Honorable Frederick Scalera citing the outstanding charitable endeavors of the OKU-Omega Omega Scholarship Foundation.

Established in 1997 as a not-for-profit public foundation, the OKU-Omega Omega Scholarship Foundation was recognized by the New Jersey Legislature for its praiseworthy efforts in behalf of the dental students within the Garden State and congratulated for its meritorious endeavors in benefit of the citizenry of New Jersey.

On hand to receive the Assembly resolution were members of the OKU-Omega Omega Scholarship Foundation:


(l-r): Dr. Gary Vitaletti, Ms. Melissa Beards, Dr. James Delahanty, Assemblyman Frederick Scalera, Dr. Kim Fenesy, Dr.Joel Martin, and Dr. Anthony Volpe




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