If you follow these directions correctly you will end up staring at the entrance to the reserved parking lot at the Sovereign Bank Arena. If not, you will find yourself in one of the seedier parts of Trenton. But not to worry, after all, you are an excellent driver. So lock your doors, fasten your safety belts and be on the look out for these signs.


        Take the NJ Turnpike South to Exit 7A-

(Shades of the "Sopranos")




        As you exit the toll plaza, stay to your left and follow the signs to I-195 West (Trenton, Hamilton)-




        Upon exiting the turnpike proceed on Interstate 195 West-




        Follow I-195 West until it turns into Route 29 North-



        You will bear toward the left at the Route 29-129 fork-You want to be on Route 29 North (you want to follow the sign that reads "Capitol Complex/Lambertville)"- (last year you took the turn off toward the right and went onto Route 129)-




        You should now be on Route 29 North-



        Go through the "Historic Trenton" tunnel-



        You should not see this sign in the tunnel, I put it in for nostalgic purposes-




        (Pay attention now, if you miss this turn you are headed to Lambertville) After you exit tunnel, you will pass 2 traffic lights (you may notice that "Kat-Man-Du" is on your left at the 2nd traffic light, this is where you will be having lunch), look for the signs marked "Market Street"- the first sign should look like this-



        Be sure to be in the right hand or middle lane at this point-You will want to exit Route 29 at Market Street-


        As you come around the bend there will be a traffic light, make a right turn onto William Trent Place-


        The William Trent House should be on your right (an historic Trenton landmark), if not, you are lost-
(Trivia Question? When was the William Trent House built?)


        Proceed along William Trent Place past the traffic light. Just past the traffic light there will be a fork in the road. Take the road to the left. There will be a sign that states "Sovereign Bank Arena" with an arrow pointing to the left-




 You should be on Bridge Street-



        Follow Bridge Street for a few blocks until it comes to an end. You should be at the corner of South Board Street and Bridge Street and the Sovereign Bank Arena reserved parking lot should be directly in front of you, if not call me- (609)oku-9924



Park The Car!



You will not see this sign in your travels, but I like it!




        Now for directions to "Kat-Man-Du"

        Exit the parking lot straight ahead across South Broad Street-

        Proceed down the same street that brought you to the arena-

        You will come to a fork in the road-take the fork to the left-(the words "You came from here earlier", with an arrow, will not be painted on the street for you. That is another editorial marvel created by yours truly. You may recall that is where you found the "fork" in the road.)


        The construction barrels may still be there-you are on Ferry Street-



        Follow Ferry Street until you reach a STOP sign, there should be a "NO OUTLET" sign directly in front of you-


        Make a left hand turn, and follow the road to the traffic light-"Kat-Man-Du" should be directly in front of you-Cross Route 29 and proceed into the parking lot-




Have a great lunch. Kim and I will see you after the reception.


The End.


For Dr. Vitaletti-