1. Formal recognition on a student's transcript will be given at the end of an academic year to first, second, third and fourth year dental students when they receive a grade point average at or above 3.5 for that year with no "D" or "F" grades for that year.

2. "Dean's List" recipients will be honored at the OKU Scholarship Reception, held in conjunction with the Office of the Dean, during the fall trimester following the close of the previous academic year.

3. This award is not applicable to students:
    a. who are enrolled in the first three academic years of the "Five Year Program" due to the reduced academic load,
    b. who are repeating an academic year.

Dean's List Criteria
Approved 3-27-01
Amended 9-19-07
Amended 7-9-08
Amended 11-20-12
Executive Council-RSDM

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