Keeping Newark Kids Cavity-Free
Each year, school nurses in Newark encounter students in severe pain because of dental problems. RSDM wants to change that. Recently, more than 150 city students got a check up, tooth cleaning and dental sealants to help prevent cavities, thanks in part to a gift from Oral Health America. Learn more.

Alum Periodontist is Political Leader in Bahamas
Alum Kendal Major is Speaker of the Assembly in the Bahamian House of Parliament, which requires him to wear a Colonial-style wig on state occasions. He’s also the country’s first periodontist. Find out why he hopes some day to become prime minister. Learn more.

RSDM Researcher Closer to Bringing Cancer Drug to Market
A drug proven to kill leukemia cells in animals is closer to reaching patients after an RSDM researcher was awarded nearly $1 million from the National Institutes of Health to fund the process of getting FDA approvals.


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  • A Patient's Thank you to Compassionate Student
    Deborah Bishop knew it was time for new dentures but traumatic memories of a bad childhood dental visit kept her from making an appointment. Then she met Student Doctor Stephanie Pagin-Schmidt.

  • RSDM Offers Forensic Course as Part of Continuing Dental Education
    After 9/11, RSDM Dr. Harry Zohn saw a dramatic shift in the field of forensic dentistry, once a crime-scene staple that’s now widely used in the aftermath of large-scale disasters. His course on how dental records can be used to provide valuable info is now part of RSDM’s Continuing Dental Education program.

  • Dean Feldman Speaks Out on Reducing Student Debt
    Dean Cecile A. Feldman, an outspoken advocate of student debt reduction, tackles the issue in the Journal of Dental Education. According to Feldman, easing the burden of student debt can potentially result in more dentists who treat the undeserved.

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