Faculty Mentorship Expertise Survey

For each topic listed, please check the appropriate button if you have the expertise and are interested in providing mentorship to the RSDM faculty.

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For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Mahnaz Fatahzadeh
Department of Diagnostic Sciences
Tel: (973)-972-1956
Fax: (973)-972-1926

1. Development of study protocol, study initiation and study implementation.
2. Specific activities or for specific project/s:
a) Statistical analysis
b) Data entry
c) IRB application

d) Grant application/grant submission

e) Abstract preparation

f) Oral presentation preparation

g) Manuscript preparation

h) Survey/questionnaire development

i) Other

1. Basic educational theory
2. Exam preparation
3. Teaching effectiveness / teaching techniques
4. Course development
5. Presentation techniques
6. Slides/AV material preparation
7. Computer software training (e.g., power point)
8. Calibration of clinical educators
9. Student evaluation
10. Cultural sensitivity
11. Other

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