Name David Goteiner
Academic rank Clinical Professor
Undergraduate education (degree & name of institution)

Brooklyn College CUNY    B.S.

Undergraduate dental school education (degree & name of institution)

Columbia    D.D.S.

Postgraduate dental education (degree/certificate, name of institution)

Harvard      Periododntology and Oral Medicine

Advanced degrees other than D.M.D. or D.D.S. (degree & name of institution)
Research interests

Perio-Systemic Link 

Grants received

None since 2001

Clinical interests Oral Medicine
Journal articles or abstracts published within the past five years

Goteiner, D., Ashmen, R., Lehrman, N., Janal, M., Eskin, B:  Dental care, endotoxin levels, Interleulin-1 polymorphism and acute coronary syndrome.  J. Dent. Res.  84A:1092.  2005.

Goteiner, D., Ashmen, R., Lehrman, N., Janal, M.N., Eskin, B. Oral health of  patients entering Morristown Memorial Hospital with acute coronary syndrome and angina.  J New Jersey Dent Assoc. 79(3): 33-37.  2007.

Goteiner, D., R., Lehrman, N., Ashmen, Janal, M.N., Eskin, B. Significance of      Interleukin-1 Polymorphism In Patients who Present with Acute Coronary Syndrome, Angina and Chronic Periodontitis.  An Epidemiological  Pilot Study.   J. Periodontol. 79:138-143. 2008.

Goteiner, D., Craig. R.N., Ashmen, R., Lehrman, N., Janal, M., Eskin, B Endotoxin levels are associated with HDL, triglycerides and troponin in patients with acute coronary syndrome and angina: Possible contributions from periodontal sources.   J. Periodontol.  79:2331-2339. 2008.
Do you practice in Rutgers University Dental Associates? No
Hospital appointments Morristown Memorial, Hackettstown Community
Diplomat status Eligible