Name Harry K. Zohn
Academic rank Clinical Associate Professor
Undergraduate education (degree and name of institution)

B.S., Montclair State College

Undergraduate dental school education (degree and name of institution)

D.M.D., University of Pittsburgh

Postgraduate dental education (degree/certificate, name of institution)

Certificate in Periodontics, University of Pennyslvania

Advanced degrees other than D.M.D. or D.D.S. (degree and name of institution)
Research interests

Forensic Odontology;  Bisphosphonate Associated Osteonecrosis; curriculum development; competency assessment; 

Grants received
Clinical interests Esthetic periodontal procedures;  
Journal articles or abstracts published within the past five years

Zohn HK, Deasy MJ, Simon BI:  Outcome of a Competency-Based Periodontal Curriculum.  Association for Dental Education in Europe 29th Annual Meeting Program: 53, 2003.

Weiner S, Sirois D, Ehrenberg D, Lehrrman N, Simon B, Zohn H:  Sensory Responses from Loading of Implants:  A Pilot Study,  Int J Oral Maxillofac Implant, 19:44-51, 2004.

Zohn HK, Kirschbaum MM, Dobrin LA, Aschheim KW, Glazer HS, Levitt DB, Feldman CA:  Skill assessment system to facilitate personnel management of forensic odontologists at mass disasters requiing victim identifications.  American Academy of Forensic Sciences.  Proceedings 2008, Vol. 14, pg 223.

Do you practice in Rutgers University Dental Associates? Yes
Hospital appointments Morristown Memorial Hospital
Diplomat status Educationally Qualified