Professor and Chair: Thomas J. Cangialosi

Vice Chair: Richard Bloomstein

Director Postgraduate Orthodontics: Anil Ardeshna

Director Predoctoral Orthodontics: Padma Mukherjee

Clinical Professor: Robert Binder

Clinical Associate Professor: Anil Ardeshna

Clinical Assistant Professors: Richard Bloomstein, Frank Bogdan, Jose Bosio, William Cole, Jeffrey Cooper, Rene Johe, Jean McGill, Robert Montemurno, Padma Mukherjee, and Susan Rider

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Orthodontics is the area of dentistry concerned with the supervision or guidance of the growing dentofacial structures and the correction of malaligned skeletal and dental units resulting from disproportional growth or dysfunctional habits.  Major responsibilities of orthodontic practice include the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of malocclusion. The design, fabrication and application of both fixed and removable appliances, as well as functional appliances are the means employed by orthodontists to attain and maintain optimum occlusal relations in physiologic and aesthetic harmony with cranial and facial structures.

Undergraduate Program

Orthodontic Lecture Series . This course is presented in the sophomore year and involves 36 lecture hours on classification of malocclusion, growth and development, cephalometrics, model analysis, space analysis, fixed and removable appliances, diagnosis and treatment planning, habit control, cleft lip and palate, surgical orthodontics and orthodontic armamentarium and materials.

Orthodontic Preclinical Laboratory. This clinical preparatory course, also presented in the sophomore year, introduces the students to the fabrication and application of fixed and removable orthodontics appliances. Cephalometric tracing analysis, space and model analysis and clinical examination techniques are also introduced.

Limited and Interceptive Orthodontics. During the junior and/or senior year, didactic and preclinical laboratory skills are applied in this clinical course in the treatment of patients, including interceptive and preventive orthodontics diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of the patient requiring limited orthodontic therapy. At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to perform a complete craniofacial and dental examination; diagnose the etiology and severity of a developing or existing malocclusion; effectively communicate treatment options to patients, peers and other specialists; and make appropriate specialty referrals when cases with limited orthodontic, needs are beyond the scope of the general practitioner.

Elective in Clinical Orthodontics . During the senior year a limited number of students may elect to take a more in-depth didactic and clinical elective in orthodontics to further enhance their skills.

Postdoctoral training in Orthodontics is also available

Advanced Education Program in Orthodontics Information

AEPO applications are processed through the Continuing Dental Education Department

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