Oral Biology

Chair: Daniel H. Fine, DMD

Welcome to the Oral Biology Department Web site. Our department has 14 faculty members and participates in teaching and research responsibilities in both the dental and medical schools. The goal of our teaching and research programs in oral biology is to understand the etiology and pathogenesis of oral infectious diseases.

The faculty members focus on the biological principles of diseases that affect the oral cavity, on both a clinical and molecular level.



Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) application designation: MS #72205-Dentistry

The Oral Biology Department coordinates the MSD program, which is run in the dental school, and designed for students (typically who have finished their dental degree) interested in acquiring in-depth scientific research training leading to a master's degree. (See our Dental Master's programs)

Master of Dental Sciences (MDS) application designation MDS #72213- Dental Science

The Oral Biology Department also coordinates the MDS program, which is run in the dental school and designed for postdoctoral students involved in specialty training programs. This degree program is under the auspices of each of the specialty training departments. (See our Dental Master's programs)

Master of Science

This degree program is run through the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), with active participation from faculty of the department of Oral Biology. The program is intended for Pre-med and Pre-dental students interested in acquiring advanced didactic and research training to strengthen their application to dental or medical school. The program coordinated by Dr. Vincent Tsiagbe, a vice-dean of the Graduate School and member of the Oral Biology Department. (For information on this program, please contact Dr. Vincent Tsiagbe (tsiagbvk@sdm.rutgers.edu) and/or GSBS Dental and Medical Scholars master's program).

DMD/PhD Program

This program is for students interested in pursuing a career in research related to the Oral Cavity. Interested students should contact Dr. Fine (finedh@sdm.rutgers.edu)

PhD Program

This program is run through the GSBS. The Oral biology Department is a member of the Infection, Immunity and Inflammation (I3) track. Interested students should consult the GSBS Newark web site or contact Dr. Steve Garrett (garretst@njms.rutgers.edu) or Dr. Daniel H. Fine (Senior Associate Dean GSBS) (Finedh@sdm.rutgers.edu)


Undergraduate  (Dental School)

  1. Oral Biology - OBIO 7307
  2. Oral Microbiology- OBIO 7103
  3. Oral Immunology – OBIO 7101
  4. Applying Evidence in Clinical Dentistry 1st year-OBIO  7160
  5. Applying Evidence in Clinical Dentistry 2st year-OBIO  7250

Post Graduate Dental

Core 1 Foundation of Oral Biology

  1. Microbiology and Immunology- OBIO 85100
  2. Gross Anatomy- OBIO 85200

Core 2

  1. Advanced Dental Therapeutics and Pharmacology – OBIO  86400

Dental Masters Courses

  1. Scientific Writing – ACAD 8697
  2. Research Methods and Design – ACAD 8698

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences -Newark

  1. Methods in Microscopic Imaging - DENT 5220Q 
  2. Research in Biomedical Sciences – MSBS 593BQ
  3. Microbial Biofilms - PHMS 5025Q
  4. Seminar in Oral Biology - DENT - 5910Q
  5. Introduction to Structural Biology - DENT 5145Q
  6. Oral Microbiology -  DENT 5300Q
  7. Oral Immunology -  DENT  5310Q

Overall the common research theme of Oral Biology Department members is host/pathogen interactions, which are studied at the molecular level. The research focus of individual department members can be divided into  three
main areas of interest: microbial genetics, host genetics and mucosal biology. More information about work by individual members of the department can  be found by clicking on their names.


Dr. Daniel H. Fine, Professor, Director, Chairman

Dr. Scott Diehl, Professor

Dr. Scott Kachlany, Assistant Professor

Dr. Daniel Kadouri, Associate Professor

Dr. Chinnaswamy Kasinathan, Associate Professor

Dr. Kenneth Markowitz, Associate Professor

Dr. Narayanan Ramasubbu, Professor

Dr. Helen Schreiner, Associate Professor

Dr. Amalia Slomiany, Professor

Dr. Bronislaw Slomiany, Professor

Dr. Vincent K. Tsiagbe, Associate Professor

Dr. Kabilan Velliyagounder, Assistant Professor

Dr. Carla Cugini, Assistant Professor

Dr. Emi Shimizu, Assistant Professor


Debra Bereski, Coordinator
Yosemary Garcia, Dental Hygienist
Nisha George, Research Teaching Specialist IV
Dipti Godboley, Research Teaching Specialist  IV
Shilpi Gupta, Research Teaching Specialist V
Amy Le, Secretary II
Carmen Logatto, Principal Management Assistant
Anthony May, Research Teaching Specialist IV
Amey Patil, Research Teaching Specialist V
Mayilvahanan Shanmugam, Research Associate
Dr. Senthil Velusamy,  Research Associate II
Avina Samantha, RTS V
Mennat Elsayed, RTS IV
Anroulla Pericleous,RTS V

PhD Students

Carlos J Garcia
Sera Jacob
Brian Vega

MSD Students

Landge, Namrata
Pawar, Siddhi
Rajendiran, Meenakshi
Bodas, Sanika
Marjan Sharifi