Division of Oral Medicine

Acting Director, Dr. Harold Cohen

The Division of Oral Medicine is responsible for teaching that area of dentistry which involves the diagnosis and primarily the nonsurgical treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, including the mucosa, salivary glands and the surrounding structures. It is also involved in the delivery of comprehensive oral health care services for patients with significant medical illnesses. In addition to the predoctoral curriculum described below, the Division is home to four postdoctoral programs: General Practice Residency Program; Certificate Program in Oral Medicine; Fellowship Program in Infectious Disease and a Fellowship Program in Orofacial Pain.

Oral Medicine. This third year course presents a comprehensive view of the methodology for recognition, identification and treatment of oral and peri-oral lesions. Emphasis is placed on the identification and management of patients with systemic diseases and with oral manifestations. Consideration is given to the broad understanding of normal and pathologic physiology in order to promote skills required for the practice of modern dentistry.

Oral Medicine Clinic. This clinical course provides senior dental students with the opportunity to participate in the evaluation and management of patients with oral mucosal lesions and chronic orofacial pain. Students also participate in the pre-operative assessment and dental care of patients with medically complex conditions.