It is not unusual for dental students to have difficulty deciding upon what to do after graduation. They wonder if going into a specialty is worth taking on the additional debt and if the specialty they choose will offer all that they expect. And many are not sure if it is better to practice for a few years then return to school, or keep right on going. In an effort to help students make those choices, the Dental Alumni Association recently hosted the first Career Night at NJDS on Wednesday evening April 14, 2010.

Students watch a PowerPoint presentation offered by Dr. Adam Kimowitz, '08.


Dr. Mitchell Gardiner, '77 gives students insight into entering private practice.



More than 60 students rotated among 14 tables manned by NJDS alumni, faculty and postgraduate students, who represented seven specialties, general practice, and practice management. The practitioners shared their experiences and offered advice. The evening ended with a question and answer session. The students’ feedback was very positive, with only two suggestions: schedule the event earlier in the academic year and offer them more often.