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In May, volume 6 of the Beacon was mailed to the NJDS Alumni. This is the first Beacon issue published in the 21st Century.

The Alumni Association wishes you, your family, and your friends happiness and health throughout the year.

Table of contents:


Young Dentists in Debt: The new generation of dentists is highly trained- and in the red. Find out why many of these young people are faced with so much debt and what some are doing to get out of it.

A Chapter Closes for An NJDS Original: As Dr. Peter Kudyba ('60) prepares for retirement, a look back at one of New Jersey Dental School's favorite sons.

The Ride of Her Life: Susan Hill's innovativeness is apparent as she plans continuing dental education courses, and her daring side emerges when she hops on a roller coaster. But recently, her courage shined through as she battled ovarian cancer.

"Bloodless" Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Puts Patients at Ease: From sculptor to skipper, Dr. John Manhold has found success in his many endeavors over the past eight decades.

The Amazing Life of Dr. John Manhold: A panel, moderated by Beacon editor Arthur J. Crosta ('67), discusses the impact women dentists have on the profession.

A Master of Art and Science: For many years, Dr. Kenneth Davis ('65) has used dentistry as his
art. Now, he's concentrating his efforts on creating art instead of dentistry.


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