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President's Message, Volume 6

As the 20th Century was coming to a close, researchers, historians, and the media were feverishly recording the outstanding events that highlighted our country's past 100 years. Closer to home, we, the graduates of New Jersey Dental School, are able to reflect on the rich traditions and successes that have put our school on the "cutting edge" of dental education in this country.

Success breeds success. This surprisingly simple­yet very complex­secret has sustained New Jersey Dental School. Over the past 40 years, each graduating class has set the mark, building on the firm foundation from the previous class, and the succeeding class has continually raised the bar. At New Jersey Dental School, excellence is a habit, not a goal.

Tradition is the cornerstone on which New Jersey Dental School was built. From its beginnings as the Seton Hall Dental School, our institution stands proud, providing an exceptional educational foundation for a future of infinite possibilities. As the world grows smaller, NJDS changes with the times to embrace a global culture right here in New Jersey.

And while the Dental School's tradition of fine education remains the same, it is busy with major transformations and renovations to the campus buildings. The New Jersey Dental School will undertake a plan to greatly improve its physical plant. This will enable us to continue the high standards we are recognized for nationally and set a new benchmark to which others may aspire.

As exciting as this progress is, it brings a full set of additional financial needs. Please take ownership of your dental school and find it in your hearts to support us in our annual fund. I thank all of you who have contributed thus far in achieving our goals.

The Dental Alumni Association will continue to reach out to its constituents in the new millennium. Our reception at the Greater New York Dental Meeting continues to be very successful in bringing together our family and friends. The camaraderie that exists among all the various classes is proof that the school and the Alumni Association have grown closer to pave the way for our new graduates.

This positive attitude is also very evident at our "Coming Together Dinner," where we honor members of our dental family who have contributed in various ways toward the success of our school.

We look forward to meeting with you at our luncheon at the New Jersey Dental Association Meeting in Atlantic City and also at the OKU Annual Golf Outing. These social gatherings (which are listed in the Calendar of Events) serve as a forum for constructive feedback on where we have been and insight on where we are going.

The momentum of greatness established in the 20thCentury will undoubtedly continue to escalate in the 21stCentury. I am proud to be an alumnus of the New Jersey Dental School.

Faithfully yours,


Peter L. DeSciscio, D.M.D. ('85)
President, New Jersey Dental School Alumni Association



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