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Class Notes, Volume 5

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'60, '70, '80, '90, In Memorium


Theodore Grawehr, '60 has enjoyed retirement for 8 years.

Peter Kudyba, '60 reports that his oldest son, Peter, is a computer engineer at Forte Systems in New York City. His youngest son, Stephan, received his Ph.D. from Renseceller Polytechnical Institute last May. Stephan is working as a neuro network analyst for Cognos, also in New York City.

John Louis, Jr., '62 writes that his son, John Vincent, is practicing periodontics and implant surgery in Easton, Md., on the eastern shore.

Carmine LoMonaco, '64 was recently elected Vice President of the New Jersey Dental Association and the American Dental Association 4th District. In addition to his full
professorship at UMDNJ-NJDS, he maintains a private endodontics practice in New Brunswick, N.J. He and his wife, Louise, have three children: Joseph, who is employed with Adams Mark Hotel Corporation in Houston, TX; Catherine Deehan, who resides in Hackettstown with her husband, Michael,who is an orthopedic surgeon, and their four children; and Gary, who attends college locally.

James Voglino, Sr, '64 writes that his son, James, completed an orthopedic fellowship in sports medicine and is opening a private practice in Miami, Fla.

James Shanley, '65
has totally left dentistry and is currently employed by the American Medical Association Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education ­ Field Staff ­ evaluating residency/fellowships nationwide.

Alfred Cappelli, '67 writes that his son, Christopher, is a third-year dental student at New York University College of Dentistry.

Dennis Leonard, '67 has retired from his practice.

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John Serijan, '70 married Bonnie Brewer in February 1998.

Gerald Gelfand, '71 was inducted last January as President-Elect of the Southern California Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

J. Phillip Kurtz, '71 reports that his son, Marshall, graduated from UMDNJ-NJDS in May.

Paul Feuerstein, D'72 is a national lecturer on computers and high technology in dentistry. He recently spoke at the American Dental Association in San Francisco and has been invited to the 1999 and 2000 annual meetings. He is also an annual speaker at the Yankee and other regional meetings. He displays his computers and stereos in North Billerica, Mass.

John Graeber, D'72 was among the 34 international Mastership recipients at the Academy of Laser Dentistry Annual meeting to receive an advanced certification in laser dentistry. The Academy's requirements for Mastership include a comprehensive written exam, demonstrated proficiency in laser use and safety, as well as presentation of clinical cases with documented post-operative follow-up care. Dr. Graeber has been practicing with dental laser since 1991 and has taught numerous seminars to other dentists. He maintains his practice of laser and cosmetic dentistry in East Hanover, N.J.

Anthony Musella, M'72 was appointed to a 5-year term as Commissioner of Monmouth County (N.J.) Parks Systems.

Matthew Beach, '75 will complete his MBA degree in December with hopes of changing careers! He is looking to relocate and find a position in business.

Lawrence Dobrin, '75 lectured on forensic child abuse last spring in Anchorage, Ala.

Jeffrey Jackel, '76 his wife, Mindy, and their children, Juliana and Erich, cruise on their sailboat, "Eriana" during the summer months. He would like to keep in touch with his classmates, especially those in the Boston area. His e-mail address is jjackel@massmed.org.

James Silverman, '76 has a webpage, http://www.geocities.com/hotsprings/4173, where he regularly posts updates. His daughter, Kimberly, plans to begin dental school this fall.

Martin Ungar, '78
has been elected to FACD and got married December 19, 1998.

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Elliot Hersh, '81 authored an article entitled "Adverse Drug Interactions in Dental Practice­Interactions Involving Antibiotics" in the February 1999 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association.

Arthur Benson, '82 and his wife, Eileen, are enjoying life in Ohio with their three children: Alyssa, Michael, and Kyle.

Edward Malca, '82 was honored by the City University of New York when he received its Doctoral Achievement Award in June 1998. Also, he presented an all-day seminar entitled, "New Challenges in Dental Practice Management," which was sponsored by Dental Education Associated.

James Albani, '84 has two children: Nicholas, 4 1/2 , and Sara, 1 1/2.

Donna Yock, '84 writes, "Class of 1984, If you are ever in California and would like to visit the 'wine country,' we will be happy to hear from you."

Anthony (Tony) DeVincentis, '85 and his wife welcomed a daughter, Francesca Gabriella, in March.


Steven Scrivo, '85 and his wife, Florence, have a daughter, Faith Ann, who was born in May. Her two brothers now have a little sister to play with.

Charles Baker, '86 has been married 10 years to Germaine. They have three children: Sarah, 9; Michael, 7; and Perri, 3 1/2 .

Darren McKeever, '87 received his Master of A.G.D. in July 1998.

Shilpa Patel, '87 is retiring from general dentistry to stay home with her two children, Meena and Milan.

Nicholas Bencie, '88 has three children: Christian, 6; Drew, 4; and Emily, 1.

Brian Trava, '88 had nuptials set for September.

John Williams, '88 was elected to the Township Committee of Cranford, N.J. as Commissioner of Public Affairs in November 1998.

Rosemary Wood, '88 wrote that her son, Joey, died of lung disease in September 1997. She divorced that same year. Her daughter, Marianne, is a senior dental school student.

Michael Donato, '89 and wife welcomed a son, Matthew, in March. The new baby has a sister, Nicolle, 5 1/2 , and a brother, Michael, 2 1/2 .

Kamran Ruintan, '89 has a private practice in Phoenix, Ariz., and is expecting her first child.

Nancy Jo Soporowski, '89 is President-Elect of the Massachusetts Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and serves on the board of directors for Project Stretch-Dentistry, a program that reaches out to children. She has a partner in private practice in Natick, Mass., and is a staff member of the Boston Children's Hospital. She has two children: Emily, 3, and a new baby, Vito.

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Peter Duca, Jr., '90 has two children, Peter Duca III and Joseph Duca. Joseph was born in March.

Roger Pradelli, '90 has been promoted to Major in the Air Force and is hoping for an assignment in Germany. He was married in July.

Cory Wanatick, '90 and his wife, Darlene, welcomed a son, Tristan Dakota, in November 1998. Dr. Wanatick passed the periodontal
board examination in May and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology.

Nina Lehrhaupt, '94 and her husband, Philip Engel, Oral Surgery, Post Graduate Alumni, have a baby due in November.

Christine Pirozzolo Gatti, '94 has a practice in Loving, N.C. She recently purchased a home near Pinehurst, N.C., the site of the 1999 U.S. Golf Open.

Ann DiBella, '95 purchased a general practice in September 1998 and a condominium in December 1998.

Joseph Oleske, '95 writes, "My daughter Jessica is walking and talking. Gina and I live in Lakehurst, N.J., in our new home. I am still practicing with my father, who hopes to retire soon."

Diane Amberg-Borsellino, '97 purchased a dental practice in October 1998. Her son, Mark Philip, was born in August 1998.

Melanie DeMaria, '97 completed an AEGD residency in Washington, D.C., and is now stationed at Aviano Air Force Base in Italy for three years as a General Dental Officer.

Jenny C. Moreno, '97 became an associate with a private pediatric dentist in Pembroke Pines, Fla., in July. She is receiving a pediatric certificate from the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Rudolf Morgan, '98 is studying prosthodontics at the University of Washington in Seattle. "Still single and holding strong!"

John Nosti, '98 opened a new office together with Shalin Jani,'97 and William Scott Steiner,'98, the "JNS Associates" in February, in Aberdeen/Matawan, N.J.

Ruth Parkin, '98 is studying periodontics and working toward a master's in oral biology at NJDS.

Craig Rothenberg, '98 finished his GPR at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center on June 25 and was recipient of the "Resident of the Year" award. Two days later, he was married to Maryellen S. Ginsberg. The newlyweds took a 2 1/2-week honeymoon to Italy, Spain, France, and northern Africa (Tunisia). The couple lives in Derry, New Hampshire, about 38 miles from Boston. He is running the general dentistry part of a group practice in Derry that includes an orthodontist and a pedodontist.

Misty Sidoti, '98 opened a private practice in Byram, N.J. She is engaged to Daryl A. Melillo, with an October wedding date.

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In Memorium:

Robert M. Bianchi, ('66)

James N. Welsh, ('66)

Stanley Fraum, ('75)

Christopher M. Smith, ('89)

Charles Reichold,

NJDS Administration and Finance

Frank Quaranta,
faculty member

James Stackhouse,
former chairman of Dental Materials