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President's Message, Volume 5

It gives me great pride to address you as President of the Dental Alumni Association of the New Jersey Dental School.

Communication is the heart of life. In fact, a person's impact on the world has been directly proportionate to his or her development of a means of communication. It is this publication, the Beacon, that has enabled the Dental Alumni Association to interact with all its members. There is outflowing communication and inflowing communication. Both are essential for the vitality of UMDNJ, NJDS, and the Dental Alumni Association. You are the Dental Alumni Association, and it is this publication that will serve as just one of the ways I communicate with you. You will also see me at events sponsored by the Alumni Association, the Dental School, and the University, as well as the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. Please feel free to approach me and introduce yourself so that I will be able to get to know each of you and the issues that are important to you.

I met with a great number of alumni at our luncheon at the NJDA Annual Session held in Atlantic City last May. The annual luncheon has proven to be a great success, and I thank Dr. Robert Saporito and Dr. Joseph Battaglia ('79) for having the foresight and ambition to create such a positive, collegial event. Dr. Cecile Feldman, Acting Dean of the New Jersey Dental School, and I will also work together to continue the great relationship that the Dental Alumni Association and the Dental School enjoy. At the luncheon, I mentioned that during my term as president, I would be reaching out to the alumni-at-large for help. Together with NJDS, I want the Dental Alumni Association to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century.

Production is the basis of morale. We have many events planned already and many ideas on the horizon, and I want you to be a part of them. I invite you to come back to the school and meet the future of our alumni association, the students. They share in the great reputation that the school has nationally.

The combination of the leadership of the University and the Dental School, in concert with all the new technologies available, has brought NJDS to new heights in dental education, as evidenced by a much more enlightened and happier student. Also paying testimony to this is the fact that many more alumni are choosing to send their children to our dental school. I am very pleased by the number of legacy students enrolled in the school.

In closing, I again invite you to join with me and become involved with the Dental Alumni Association and NJDS in some way. I would also like to engender a relationship with the entire alumni faculty. They are the role models for our students, and their "leadership by example" can only strengthen our association. I will work toward the goals set by UMDNJ President Dr. Stuart Cook to raise more funds for student scholarships, grants, and sponsoring of special projects. I look forward to a continual relationship with the University and NJDS in providing the best education for our students, which will perpetuate the high standards of education, research, and patient care in our profession. Together we have been able to produce an Alumni Association with pride and a sense of family

I invite you to please contact me through the Office of Alumni Affairs, the Beacon, my office, or in person. Throughout the years of my "political career," I have received many notes and cards from alumni. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of these gestures, and that is what continues to fuel me in my efforts, which transcend my practice.

Faithfully yours,


Peter L. DeSciscio, D.M.D. ('85)
President, New Jersey Dental School Alumni Association



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