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Commencement '98

A Blockbuster of a Day!

It was difficult to tell which was brightest on May 20­the sunshine, the smiles of families and friends, or the futures of 68 new NJDS alumni.

Dr. Stanley S. Bergen, Jr., addressed the graduates in his last commencement as president of UMDNJ. The ceremony was held at the Blockbuster-Sony Entertainment Centre in Camden.

For some members of the Class of '98, an NJDS commencement is a family tradition. Nine graduates had relatives who are NJDS alumni, including: Dr. Michael Bixby, son of Dr. John Bixby ('74); Dr. Daniel DiCesare, brother of Dr. Anthony DiCesare (PG '91); Dr. Howard Fine, brother-in-law of Dr. Gary Orentlicher ('92); Dr. Kevin Lake, brother of Dr. Ryan Lake ('95); Dr. Michael Moskowitz, son of Dr. Harvey Moskowitz ('79); and Dr. Banafsheh Goujani, wife of Dr. Robert Boff ('90).

And for other graduates, commencement was followed by another ceremony: commissioning into military service. Drs. Alvis Burris and George Tanksley, previously Medical Service Corps Second Lieutenants, were commissioned as First Lieutenants in the Dental Corps. Dr. Burris is now stationed at Moody Air Force Base (Ga.), and Dr. Tanksley is at Sheppard Air Force Base (Tex.). Dr. Wei Liang was commissioned as a First Lieutenant and serves at Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa, Japan.

Congratulations to each member of the Class of '98!