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October, 1998 vol. 3 was mailed to the NJDS Alumni. This issue contains exciting developments with interesting Alumni. NJDS researchers are working hard to find solutions to many of the dentistry's puzzles. Dr. Cliff Rigby ('85) takes his talents on the road to treat elderly patients while still finding time to be a marathon runner and a triathlete. Now, with video teleconferencing capabilities and a new web site, NJDS is at the technological forefront of communication. It was also time for accreditation at NJDS. How did NJDS prepare for it? You will find these and many other interesting articles in the fall 1998 Beacon.

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"A" for Accreditation: Representatives from the Commission on Dental Accreditation are coming to NJDS this fall. This article explains how faculty and administrative staff have prepared for this challenging peer review process.

Putting the pieces together: NJDS researchers are working to find solutions to many of dentistry's puzzles.

A True Road Warrior: Dr. Cliff Rigby ('85) takes dental care on the road for elderly patients, and then hits the pavement again as a marathon runner and triathlete.

Going the Distance: High-tech learning and information sharing are only a click of the mouse or a television screen away with NJDS's web site and video teleconferencing capabilities.

GPAs Total 5.0: Here's the score­group practice administrators are key to a patient-centered clinical care philosophy at NJDS.

Travelin' Man: If it's on the map, chances are Dr. Anthony Volpe ('60) has taken the Colgate-Palmolive Company's clinical research programs there.

Special Section: Eighth Annual Alumni Continuing Education Course A preview of what awaits course attendees, including an interview with featured speaker Dr. Bruce Small ('73) and a toast to the 25th anniversary class of 1973.



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