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Class Notes, Volume 1

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Peter Kudyba, '60, writes: "As of July 1, 1996, I have semi-retired. At the moment, I am 40% part­time in prosthetics-back to my roots!!"

Ralph J. Attanasio, '61is immediate past President of the Njda.

William C. Pollak, '61 moved to a new office in Millburn this year.

Alan A. Vella, '61 is semi-retired.

Paul Farkas, '62 is retired.

George L. Rioseco, '62 is in general practice with his son, Robert Rioseco, Dmd. He has five grandchildren.

Mimi M. Vella, '63 is Vice President of the NJDS Alumni Association.

James Shanley, '65 is evaluating Graduate Medical Education Residency Programs for the American Medical Association.

Arthur Crosta, '67 reports that his daughter, Laura, is a freelance advertising photographer in Los Angeles. Some of her recent subjects have been Michael Jordan, Grant Hill, and Miss Universe. Laura is a 1988 graduate of Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Communication.

Richard S. Demerjian, '67writes that his daughter and hygienist, Marla, has twins (a boy and a girl, Michael and Morgan), and an older daughter.

Stephen D. Maltzman, '67 reports that his son, Jeff, graduated UMDNJ in June and is an ophthalmology resident at Baylor.

Capt. John S. Ostrowski, '67 has a private practice in prosthodontics and maxillofacial prosthetics in Annapolis, Maryland. He had two grandchildren, Madeline and Luke.

Cosmo V. DeSteno, '69 lectured last June on "Attachments in Dentistry" at the Njda's Annual Convention, and for the New Jersey American College of Prosthodontics, he spoke on "Keys to a Successful Prosthodontic Practice."


Robert E. Gillis, Jr., '70is President of the Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontics, and is on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics. He co-authored the ACP Parameters of Care. He also is the father of five children ages 8­26, and coaches his son's soccer team. Dr. Gillis and his wife have been in charge of their church's stewardship committee for five years.

Jay S. Kartagener, '70writes that his oldest son, Grant, graduated cum laude from the University of Florida in finance.

John Graeber, '72was elected to the Njda's Board of Trustees and is a continuing education lecturer in air abrasion techniques.

Irwin Silversmith,'72writes that his son, Howard, married Wendy Hejman in June '96. Both graduated from Stony Brook Medical School last June. His son, Ian, graduated Cornell University last June and is in dental school. His daughter, Tara, is a teacher.

Steven D. Yatrofsky, '72reports that he has a new office. Before that, he "commuted from California to New Jersey for 5 years and practiced on both coasts. When I got enough frequent-flyer miles, I moved to Las Vegas and set up an orthodontic practice in a medical center/hospital complex."

John K. Bixby, '74says that his son, Michael, is a senior at NJDS and loves it.

Lawrence A. Dobrin, '75 is Secretary/Treasurer of the American Society of Dentistry for Children.

Charles Krowicki, '76

completed the New York City Marathon (his first) on November 4, 1996, with a time of 3:53:38.

Richard B. Lubitz, '76 welcomed a second child, Joshoa, this year.

Thomas A. Rossi, '77 moved his practice to Roseland, New Jersey.

Michael B. Scotti, '77 underwent a successful kidney transplant in June 1995 and is doing very well. His brother was the donor. He continues his private practice in oral surgery.

Robert A. Shekitka, '77 is Chairman of the New Jersey section of the American College of Dentists.

Yosh Jefferson, '78 is immediate past President of the Njagd and editor of the Journal of General Orthodontics. He serves on the Njda Council of Governmental Affairs and the Agd Council of Long-Range Planning.

Cavan Brunsden, '79 a pediatric dentist, is President of the Middlesex County Dental Society. His children, Andrew and Jessica, are both in college, to which he says, "Free at last...free at last." He is married to Nancy Villa, '89.


Jeff Manheimer, '83 and his wife, Debra, have a young son, Zachary.

Cathy Andricsak Massa, '84 has a young son, Brian Thomas.

David A. Dersh, '84 received his Fagd in Portland, Oregon, in June 1996. He is President of the Central Dental Society of Njda.

Kenneth P. Press, '84became a Fellow of the American College of Dentists in September 1996. He has three children-Benjamin, Rebecca, and Matthew.

Peter L. DeSciscio, '85is Director of the Dental General Practice Residency at Jfk Medical Center, Edison, New Jersey.

David Pasquariello, '85 and his wife, Sharon, have three children-Dana, Dj, and Melissa.

Clifford J. Rigby, '85 has run in the New York and Boston marathons. His wife, Jane, is a partner at her Newark law firm. They have three daughters.

Kim E. Fenesy, '86 is Secretary/Treasurer of the NJDS Alumni Association.

Bruce Huberman, '86 opened a second office in Plainfield, New Jersey.

Dora Vilk-Shapiro, '86 participates in the Nova/Broward Dental Research Clinic - "I get to brush up on removable techniques and teach dental assistants." She is Programming Chair of the National Association of Women Business Owners and sponsored her son Jordan's under-8 soccer team, the Fountains Dental Explorers. She was also nominated for the South Florida Business Journal's Up and Comers Award.

Donna Celentano-Vix, '87 has a new home office. She and her daughter, Bethany Rose, who was born last year, share the same birthday.


Michael G. Hopkins, '87 has a daughter, Rachel Joy.

Jonathan Mangot, '87 and his wife, Allison, have a daughter, Micaela Rae. He is the Bergen County representative to the Njda Committee on Dental Benefits Programs and is Regent of the Alpha Omega Fraternity.

Shilpa R. Patel, '87 has two children, Meena and Milan.

John P. Frattellone, '88 opened an oral surgery practice in Lincroft, New Jersey. He is the father of Alexander and Alanna.

Maria M. Egusquisa, '89 opened a new practice in West Palm Beach, Florida.

David Huang, '89 joined the general dentistry practice of Cooper, Bailey, & Fraser Dds, Pa of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Christopher P. Mulloy, '89 reports that he is busy at his Somerville practice and has a new house in Raritan, New Jersey.

Christopher Smith, '89 writes that he and his wife, Maureen, have three children-Michael, Margaret, and their newest addition, Katherine Patricia, who was born in February. This September, he opened a general practice in Collingswood, New Jersey.


Robert E. Boff, '90 opened a new office in Ramsey, New Jersey. He married Banafsheh Goujani, '98, last year.

Peter Duca Jr., '90 has offices in Medford and Philadelphia. He has a son, Peter III.

Kathleen I. Arzinger, '91 and her husband, John A. Taltavall, '92, welcomed their first child, Katrina Irene, last year.

Medina Dadurian, '91 opened a practice in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. Her daughter, Melissa Marie, was born last year.

Michael Deluca, '91 has an orthodontics practice in Hamilton Square, New Jersey.

Frank Aiuto, '92 and his wife, Michele, welcomed a son, Anthony Vincent, last year.

Nina B. Lehrhaupt, '92 opened an office in Edison, New Jersey.

Carlo Porcaro, '92 and his wife, Adrienne E. Amirata, '94, welcomed a son, Michael, last year.

Mario Ramos, '92 received two grants ($81,000) for a community project, Oral Health Assessment and Treatment of Homeless Children in Newark, New Jersey. He is the father of twin boys, Adam and Kevin, born last year.

John A. Taltavall III, '92 and his wife, Kathleen Arzinger-Taltavall, '91 welcomed a daughter, Katrina Irene, last year.

Howie Epstein, '93 and Brenda Nathan, '93, welcomed a son, Jacob Harry Epstein, last March.

Mary Flanagan, '93 is in her first year at NJDS's pediatric postgraduate program.

Suzanne Grubowski Aldredge, '93 and Wayne Aldredge, '93, are living in Smithtown, Long Island. Suzanne is practicing full time. Wayne is in his second year of periodontal postgraduate education at Suny Stony Brook.

Steve Hobson, '93 is practicing in Plainfield, New Jersey, and is an attending at Bronx Lebanon Hospital.

Al Husain, '93 completed the orthodontic program at Temple Dental School.

John P. Little, '93 is in his third year at Rutgers Law School.

Usha J. Rana, '93 has two New Jersey offices; one in Kearny and one in Hoboken.

Al Solis, '93 opened an orthodontic practice in Seattle, Washington, and is engaged to be married this fall.

John F. Albano, '94 and Susan Chuback, '92, married this fall.

Paul Albicocco, '94 is in partnership in a Staten Island practice.

Adrienne E. Amirata, '94 and her husband, Carlo J. Porcaro, '90, welcomed a son, Michael, last year.

Daniel Feit, '94 completed the two-year prosthodontic residency program at Boston University School of Dental Medicine and is a fellow in the Department of Surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center studying maxillofacial prosthetics. He and his wife, Diane Jonas-Feit, '93, live in New York City.

Shari Kent, '94 has a son, Alexander, and a daughter, Alanna.

Christine Pirozzolo-Gatti, '94 writes that she is, "Totally delighted to have relocated to North Carolina. Stop to visit if in Pinehurst. Rudy is retired; Regina dances; and Josie is a great swimmer."

Narpat S. Jain, '95 completed a dental oncology fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and will enter private practice in Dumont, New Jersey, this December. He and his wife have two sons, Sidharth and Rishab.

David Klingman, '95 is engaged to be married to Kelly Burnett, who is training to become a registered nurse at Essex County Community College.

Joseph Loverde, '95 is working with his father.

Todd T. Puckett, '95 a Navy lieutenant, departed on a six-month deployment in September to the western Atlantic Ocean on the amphibious assault ship USS Peleliu. He joined the Navy in May 1995.

Annette Riley, '95 is in private practice in Jamaica, West Indies, and is the sole prison dentist with the Correctional Services, Ministry of National Security and Justice. Her son is a college sophomore.

Laura Castro, '96 is completing a general practice residency at Hackensack University Medical Center this year.

Contributions Accepted for Mark Williams Fund

A college fund has been established for the children of Dr. Mark Williams ('86), who died of a pulmonary embolism on Nov. 1, 1996. Shortly after Dr. Williams' passing, three of his classmates, Dr. Bill Schmidt, Dr. Anthony Corello, and Dr. Mary Beth McCabe (all '86), created The Friends of Mark Williams Fund to benefit sons Conner and Kyle. The boys are now ages three and six.

Contributions can be sent to:

The Friends of Mark Williams

c/o NJDS, Office of Alumni Affairs

110 Bergen Street

Newark, New Jersey 07103-2425