Editing staff and publisher



From the Editor's Desk, Volume 1

Welcome to the premiere issue of the Beacon, the new publication of the Alumni Association of New Jersey Dental School. We hope our alumni and friends will be pleased with this effort.

Our purpose in publishing this journal is to increase our communication with the alumni. Many changes have taken place in the Alumni Association and in the Dental School since many of us graduated and entered our careers in dentistry.

We will try to keep this journal light and informative. Our hope is to increase pride in your alma mater and interest in your alumni organization. We welcome your comments, your input, your questions, and even your complaints. Let us know where you stand and how you believe the Alumni Association can assist you.

Presently, with Acting Dean Robert Saporito, we are experiencing the best working relationship we have had with the Administration in some time. Both he and I would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, enjoy the Beacon!


Arthur J. Crosta, D.M.D. ('67), Editor